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First, the "anarchy" here is not the anarchy of popular conception: lawlessness, disorder, chaos, and "anarchy." Nor is it the bomb-throwing anarchy of the 19th century "black" anarchists, usually associated with Russia and labor movements. Nor is it the "black flag" anarchy of anarcho-syndicalism and writers such as Proudhon. Rather, the anarchy being spoken of here is the anarchy of "absence of government" (literally, "an arch," without a chief or head).

This is the same sense of anarchy used in "anarchocapitalism," the libertarian free market ideology which promotes voluntary, uncoerced economic transactions.

Coin Fi is a set of a decentralized protocols that involves cutting-edge cryptoeconomics, core infrastructure and ecosystem to incentivize users to collaborate rather than compete. At it's core; encryption, digital signatures, digital cash is cemented allowing the ability for cyberspatial and real world communities to begin and thrive. This includes; networks, anonymous communications, MUDs and MOOs, and "Multiverse"-type realities eliminating the need for a central entity to control your financial life.

Coin Fi helps individuals, families, institutions, local governments, and nonprofits in managing and distributing capital in order to achieve their goals.

Financial reform is coming, Coin Fi is coming.